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Finding Trainees for a T32

Posted on March 19, 2007

Judy Garber (bio) describes what she looks for in a T32 trainee.


I have a T32, it's a training grant, it was the brainchild of Ken Dodge when he was at Vanderbilt. He came up with the idea and I kind of did it with him while he was there and then I took it over so I'm not responsible for its inception but I've kind of carried it on, and it's a wonderful program.

People say that it's one of the best things about being a graduate student at Vanderbilt, because it really is, it's an intellectually stimulating program. One of the challenges of running it, well, the challenges of running it are finding really good students to be the trainees because you want to get the best of the best who are then going to go on and become leaders in the field.

So one of the challenges is how do you know, like with anything else, when you admit students or when you talk to a post doc candidate whether they're really going to be that good. It's really hard to tell on paper.

For the pre-doctoral students what we look for are students that are on a good trajectory, looks like they're going to be headed to an academic research career. Are making good advances in the program already, are, have finished their masters and have done a project that looks good. Clearly are going to be scholars and headed in that direction. For post-docs, we, again, look for students who have a good vitae but might not quite yet be ready for an academic position. We look for people that are not just in clinical but we look for people who are developmental because our training program is on developmental psychopathology and prevention.

So we're happy to take people who are developmental and social psych, clinical psych, quantitative, and we just look for people that are strong but are not quite there yet. So those are the criteria we're looking for.

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Excerpted from interview with researcher in March 2006.


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