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Using Incentives with Teachers

Posted on February 15, 2006

Robert C. Pianta (bio) describes types of incentives he has used in his research with teachers.


We use a variety of incentives for teachers. Sometimes, we simply pay them, and usually for a questionnaire battery that would take about a half an hour to complete, we pay them between, on the low end of that would be $35, the high end of that would be more like $55 or $65. Sometimes we pay a little bit more when we're asking questions that are a little more stressful to answer. The other thing that people do a lot of times is, and we usually combine this with payment to individual teachers, is to enroll teachers in a lottery for a larger prize. We find actually that iPods work very well as a prize because teachers like them, and they have sort of a cachet. A teacher who completes one of our measures would get the usual reimbursement of let's say $35 or $40, and then she'd be enrolled in a lottery for an iPod or something like that.

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Excerpted from interview with researcher in April 2005.


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