Aim High

Posted on January 14, 2008

Combining the highest possible standards with passion allows your work to build upon itself, says Jeannette R. Ickovics (bio).


I think that you have to move forward with great scientific rigor, passion, compassion, and courage to really do the work that you want to do, to really aim high, to get great mentors and great proteges, to really think about being a part of and developing a team where you can grow intellectually, academically and where your work can really make a difference. I think academic life is really wonderful in terms of the freedom it gives you to explore your interests and work that can really make a difference in people’s lives. You need to understand what the expectations are at your institution in order to be able to create that career longevity and to recognize that the work will build upon itself.

I think you always want to hold yourself to the highest standards methodologically, ethically, in terms of collaboration and in terms of passion so that there’s sort of a tirelessness about the work sometimes. It can be very hard. It’s very long in coming, but it’s also very rewarding. And I think to the extent that you’re really moving forward to the best of your ability with the very best people around you, you have the best hopes of succeeding.

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Excerpted from interview with researcher in September 2007.


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