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Your Interests Will Come Together

Posted on February 28, 2006

John Landsverk (bio) shows that even disparate interests can merge on the career path.


First of all, the persistence. Just keep truckin'. Second of all, I have a strong belief that even though you have disparate interests, at some point they're going to come together, and there will be a niche for you.

So, my interests in mental health from a family situation with serious mental illness, together with my interest in sociology and social groups and social class and social stratification. By the way, I had no interest whatsoever in applied research at all. I was a basic researcher in stratification and social theory, but all of it comes together, because I'm interested in severe mental health.

I'm also very interested in what happens to very poor populations particularly when they don't have the resources nor the background necessarily to provide well for their children.

So, I think what I would say is that ethics... By the way, I spent two years in a Lutheran seminary as well. I told you that, so now I'm pretty good at ethics, because there are lots of value judgments in it. I think things come together. You just have to wait. You have to find a way to bring out the unique kind of combinations that are in most people's lives, and then go on with it.

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Excerpted from interview with researcher in June 2005.


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