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Getting Into Schools

Posted on December 7, 2010

Pia Escudero (bio) talks about strategies for fostering buy-in from schools and ensuring consent from parents.


So I think a good approach is to first meet with a principal and possibly the stakeholders that the principal may need buy-in from. So sometimes there's a leadership council or there's a group of parents or a committee that you can really talk to them about the program and raise their awareness. And also many times it's very helpful to offer the administrator and teacher staff development. So even though maybe not all children are going to be treated in that school site, just the fact that you're able to impact and raise the awareness of teachers and what to do and open up the subject, it really allows them to welcome the program, understand, and then hopefully also engage in the process of the recovery of students.

So it's best to really talk to the administrator and also share some of the lessons learned. Some of the lessons that we've learned is that once we get engagement from an administrator, a big issue for us is getting consent. So if you come in after a school year has opened and you go into a classroom and give consents for treatment, many times you don't get those back. The buy-in is not as good as some of the schools where we currently are. We have established programs. We put the consent in the enrollment packet, so many times the office staff or even back-to-school night, it's addressed and it says that your child may be screened for this program and hopefully get parents engaged in that process at the beginning of the school year.

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Excerpted from an interview with the contributor in Los Angeles, CA in May, 2010.


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