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A Varied Career

Posted on November 23, 2011

C. Hendricks Brown (bio) talks about his unique career path.


Well, I have a varied career. I started off in theoretical chemistry and that was my first graduate program that I was in a PhD program at the University of Chicago. I was all interested in computational methods for looking at very small molecules, like helium ions. So, it was really looking at very, very, very tiny precisions in chemistry and physics and I was very interested in mathematics and did all of this theoretical work, but I really looked around at all of the faculty and they seemed to be very happy, but I was not going to be happy doing what they did.

So, I started looking around for other courses and I ended up going to the Department of Statistics at the University of Chicago and I started getting interested in all the things that they had. I had had some background in statistics and probability, but that was an eye opener for me. It gave me an opportunity to start to work in lots of different areas and get exposed to lots of different sciences that I hadn't had before.

My background in social sciences was very, very weak, but I found and was intrigued by lots of questions that came up in that field.

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Excerpted from an interview with the researcher conducted at the 2011 NHSN Conference held in Miami, FL.


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