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Posted on November 12, 2012

Joshua Roffman (bio) describes how to leverage a K into additional opportunities.


So one dialectic that I think you really think a lot about as a part of your participation in the CDI is on the one hand presenting a very focused linear story of your development starting with your first becoming interested in a particular subject through the point where, as a K applicant, you want to take that to the next level, have a project that will really help open more doors later on as you finish it up.

That on the one hand. On the other hand being able to diversify a bit so that you are able to spin off multiple kinds of projects and, really, when you are writing your K award, to write it in a way that allows you to collect all sorts of preliminary data that can then be leveraged to apply for a series of other grants.

And that's effectively what I've done, so as I think about, actually, this cycle coming up, what I'll be proposing is something that really is a direct extension of the thrust of my K. But then the next one after that will probably be a spinoff from another project that's related but was funded primarily from a different mechanism.

And so the story between the two, I think, will be congruent, but the actual questions that we'll be asking and in particular techniques, if it's funded, will be different.

So each successive grant builds on the previous ones, and while the story gets to be more and more detailed and more specific, at the same time the arsenal of techniques, the number of groups that one has to collaborate with, these are expanding.

So I'd like to think that each grant that's successful provides a whole series of additional opportunities.

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Excerpted from interview with researcher at the 2012 Career Development Institute for Psychiatry in Pittsburgh, PA.


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