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Terence A. Ketter, MD

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The Scenic Route

For Terence A. Ketter, a career in psychiatry, and even medical school, were not always a given.

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NIH Fellowship Provides a Strong Foundation

An NIH fellowship prepared Terence A. Ketter for establishing up a clinic.

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Bipolar Disorder in Young Adults

Terence A. Ketter discusses the research opportunities afforded by the longitudinal design of STEP-BD.

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Measuring a Changing Population

Terence A. Ketter addresses wellness measurement in young adults.

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Extending a Research Fellowship

Terence A. Ketter considers the pros and cons of prolonging one's training experience.

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Following Opportunities

Sometimes pursuing your research interests means leaving one group for another, Terence A. Ketter notes.

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Industry Studies Have a Place

Take a balanced stance on pharma-funded research, Terence A. Ketter advises.

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Using Foundation Funding

Foundation grants expand the pool of opportunities, says Terence A. Ketter.

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