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F. Xavier Castellanos, MD

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Not Very Streamlined

F. Xavier Castellanos relates the story of his moves from medical school into research and from the NIMH to New York.

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Making Gut Decisions

F. Xavier Castellanos advises listening to natural responses when making decisions.

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The Heart of Research Training

The path to being a successful researcher, says F. Xavier Castellanos, involves extending your training and establishing your expertise.

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Find Your Intellectual Capital

F. Xavier Castellanos asserts that self-imposed blinders are vital when beginning your research career.

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5000 Hours of Effort

Learning how to be a researcher takes dedication, advises F. Xavier Castellanos.

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Career Development Awards

F. Xavier Castellanos explains how career development awards make entry-level researchers attractive to institutions.

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Protected Time

F. Xavier Castellanos offers advice about fulfilling career goals in a world where clinical needs are infinite.

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You Always Need a Mentor

Line-by-line analysis of grant proposals is expensive but invaluable, says F. Xavier Castellanos.

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Salary is Secondary

F. Xavier Castellanos suggests choosing a program based on successful past performance.

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Training at the NIMH

F. Xavier Castellanos talks about the training atmosphere at the NIMH.

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Chairing a Study Section

F. Xavier Castellanos recognizes that participation in a study section develops careers and also pushes the process toward a safer science.

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Grants are Organic Documents

Question and method are clearly connected in a well-written grant proposal, suggests F. Xavier Castellanos.

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Resubmitting Unscored Grant Proposals

F. Xavier Castellanos describes the path between unscored and fundable grant proposals.

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