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Hilda M. Pantin, PhD

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Community Relationships

Hilda M. Pantin describes the reciprocal nature of school-based community intervention.

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Delegate Effectively

Hilda M. Pantin asserts that even early career researchers must learn to delegate.

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Getting Everything in Place

Hilda M. Pantin describes some of the pieces necessary for running an R01 successfully.

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Pace Yourself

Hilda M. Pantin explains the effect of time off on a research career.

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Reaching Out for What You Want

Reaching out to mentors is vital, says Hilda M. Pantin.

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Getting School Buy-in

Hilda M. Pantin says that support at the school level needs to be cost-effective and based on outcomes.

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Transitioning from Clinical Work to Research

Hilda M. Pantin describes how family, friends, and colleagues influenced her career trajectory.

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