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Jane N. Kogan, PhD

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Obtain Management Skills Early

Learn how to manage your projects early, advises Jane N. Kogan.

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Importance of Community Stakeholders

Jane N. Kogan advises behavioral health researchers to go beyond the four walls of the university.

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Blending Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Qualitative research sets the foundation for sound research questions, believes Jane N. Kogan

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Monitor Recruitment Closely

Ensure that you are on target for recruitment, says Jane N. Kogan.

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Stay On Top of It

Tracking and organizing is the best way to keep the study going, says Jane N. Kogan.

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Career Development Institutes

Jane N. Kogan talks about how career development institutes foster vital collaborations among researchers.

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Career Path

Jane N. Kogan discusses how her non-linear career path has provided a variety of opportunities in the research field.

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