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John A. Ovretveit, PhD

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A Different Way of Thinking about Research

John A. Øvretveit considers how the medical field could benefit from drawing from other fields in exploring a range of different research and evaluation methods.

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Fidelity and Infidelity

John A. Ovretveit discusses the importance of assessing not only the quality of an intervention, but how a particular intervention will work within a given context.

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Focus and Discipline Lead to Success

John A. Ovretveit maintains that focus, discipline, and an organized approach helped him achieve success as a researcher.

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The Costs of Implementation

John A. Øvretveit advises conducting a comprehensive analysis of costs associated with implementing an intervention.

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The Influence of Context in Successful Implementation

John A. Øvretveit points out that the effectiveness of an intervention may depend on contextual variables.

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