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Richard Puddy, PhD, MPH

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Career Advice: Mentors and Learning from other Fields

Richard Puddy attributes his career success in part to effective mentors and exploring beyond the "usual suspects."

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Expanding the Definition of Evidence

Richard Puddy considers the value of three different types of evidence: best available research evidence, contextual evidence, and experiential evidence.

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Implementing Interventions Requires a Non-Linear Approach

Richard Puddy notes that social interventions often are highly complex and unpredictable, leading to benefits as well as challenges.

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Opportunities in Implementation Science

Richard Puddy encourages early career researchers to explore beyond the traditional paradigms of evidence-based strategies.

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The Role of the CDC Implementation and Dissemination Branch

Richard Puddy explains how the CDC Implementation and Dissemination Branch builds statewide capacity for effective implementation of evidence-based programs.

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