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Michael Kosorok, PhD

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The Biostatistician as Collaborator

Michael Kosorok provides tips for working with biostatisticians.

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Finding a Biostatistician to Meet Your Needs

Michael Kosorok describes the range of expertise among statisticians and the importance of choosing someone who specializes in the type of project you're working on.

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Consulting on Time-to-Event Data

Michael Kosorok explains how time-to-event specialists can help solve issues that can occur during cross-sectional studies.

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Integrating Biostatistics into Translational Research

Michael Kosorok talks about why traditional statistical approaches might not work for translational research.

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Using Data to Determine Treatment Sequence

Michael Kosorok discusses the benefits of implementing dynamic treatment regimes.

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From Music and Math to Biostatistics

Michael Kosorok recounts his unconventional path to biostatistics.

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Biostatistics Core Offers a Variety of Expertise to Collaborators

Michael Kosorok describes the services and resources the University of North Carolina's biostatistics core has to offer.

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