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Debra Montrose, PhD, LSW

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Advertising is Often Overlooked in the Budget

Debra Montrose advises that you know how to sell yourself and your research when recruiting for your studies.

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Consider Participant Burden

Debra Montrose lists many reasons that participants might leave mid-study.

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Create a Fun Environment

There are many ways to make participants happy to take part in your studies, believes Debra Montrose.

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Keeping Tabs on Your Study

Progress tracking is an essential part of meeting your milestones, says Debra Montrose.

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Pitfalls in Budget Preparation

Have you confirmed what resources you have? Have you thought about screening? Debra Montrose describes many budget missteps.

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Put Thought into Data Management

Preserving the integrity of your data is often not given enough thought, states Debra Montrose.

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Reasons to Re-Consent

You may need to re-consent participants if you are working with teens or vulnerable populations, mentions Debra Montrose.

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Show Your Team the Big Picture

Make an effort to show your team how much you value them, suggests Debra Montrose.

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Watch Out for Garbage

Where will you store your data? How will you verify it? These and other issues must be considered, asserts Debra Montrose.

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The Qualities Necessary to Be Successful

Debra Montrose urges early career researchers to think about their character and leadership skills and how they want to be perceived by others in their field.

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