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Challenges in Conducting a Randomized Trial in a Real-World Agency

Recruitment, tracking, and staff turnover were some of the challenges that Sigrid James and Devon Brooks faced when conducting research in a community setting.

Presentation - 2 minutes 15 seconds


Conflict of Interest

Joseph R. Calabrese discusses COI issues in medical research.

Presentation - 15 minutes 53 seconds


Consulting with a Biostatistician (2009)

Helena Kraemer explains how and when to involve a biostatistician in your research study.

Presentation - 1 hour 15 minutes 24 seconds


Creativity (2013)

Karl Deisseroth and Robert C. Malenka talk about taking risks, exploring the unexplored, and forming creative collaborations.

Presentation - 47 minutes 47 seconds


Introduction to Moderators and Mediators (2007)

Helena Kraemer defines the terms 'moderator' and 'mediator,' explains the difference between the MacArthur model and the Baron and Kenny model, and discusses some applications.

Presentation - 1 hour 47 minutes 16 seconds


Introduction to Neural Net Modeling in Developmental Psychology

Jeffrey L. Elman introduces the principles of neural networks as they relate to developmental psychology.

Presentation - 20 minutes 18 seconds


Mock Study Section

NOTE: This mock study section does not reflect the new criteria set forth by NIH in 2010. However, it still provides useful insights into review sections. Ellen Frank moderates this mock NIMH study section for an R21 and a K23, with reviewers David J. Kupfer, Lauren B. Marangell, and Sue M. Marcus.

Presentation - 55 minutes 25 seconds


Negotiation Prep

Law professor Andrea Schneider leads participants through the negotiation process via an examination of five negotiation styles: competing, accommodating, avoiding, compromising, and collaborating.

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Presentation - 36 minutes 6 seconds


View from Industry

Jeffrey Jonas presents the advantages of a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Presentation - 16 minutes 16 seconds


Writing a K-Award Grant: 'Kountdown to K'

Greg Siegle delivers practical grant-writing advice for early career researchers.

Presentation - 40 minutes 2 seconds