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The Purpose of a Cover Letter

Donald Luckett provides valuable advice about the use of a cover letter in the grant submission process.


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Testing for Mediation and Moderation

Grayson N. Holmbeck provides tips for using multiple regression and SEM when testing for mediators and moderators.


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Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Research

Jacqueline Resnick explains the difference between two approaches to research.

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Three Qualities of a Good Researcher

Enthusiasm, perseverance, and staying informed are three vital characteristics of a successful researcher, says Ihsan M. Salloum.

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Making Sense of Mediators and Moderators

Helena Kraemer clarifies the roles of mediators, moderators, and interactions in RCTs.


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Post-Hoc Probing of Mediator and Moderator Effects

Grayson N. Holmbeck explains why post-hoc tests are important, and provides examples.


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Applying Anthropological Principles

Anthropology can enhance the research process, states Margaret R. Weeks.

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Defining a Pilot Study

Helena Kraemer shares her thoughts on what should and should not be called a pilot study.

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Developing a Coding System for Narratives

Barbara H. Fiese stresses that a coding system should be based on the underlying purpose of the study.

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Advantages of a Broad Education

It takes a multi-disciplinary team to answer complex questions, asserts Stephen Hinshaw.

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