Martica Hall

Believing in the Study

Posted on October 19, 2007

Martica Hall (bio) talks about the importance of having a research staff who care about the research.

And I think the major reason [for our team's success] is, other than feeling that sleep was an evocative topic for them, was our study staff. It was an incredible group of people, who really cared about the study, who believed in the study, who treated the participants really, really well, and they had a nice bonding experience, and it went really, really well, so your study staff is also very important and having people that believe in what they’re doing. If your study staff doesn’t 100 percent believe that what you’re doing is worthwhile, that will come out in the consent procedure, and I’ve had that. I’ve had staff who didn’t believe, and I can tell you, there was a huge difference in terms of our recruitment percentages when you have somebody who really has sort of a calling type feeling about what you’re doing.


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