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Jodi M. Gonzalez

Matching Advice with Your Goals

Posted on November 26, 2007

Jodi M. Gonzalez (bio) talks about times when you may not want to follow your mentor's advice.

Knowing what your goals are is really important. You may not have the same goal as somebody else about research. If you want to eventually be funded independently, is that really what you want and then how to move in that direction. Sometimes that can be difficult to look at. You’re just trying to function day to day and get the job done on a daily basis and it’s hard to look at those long term, what do I really want for myself? Because people push you a lot and it’s a really good thing, but sometimes they might push you in a direction that you don’t want to go.

And that’s something that I’ve had to balance a lot is having a lot of good advice from people who want you to get funded and want you to do research, but sometimes the advice is vastly different in an area of research or how to go about it and how to manage the advice. I’m fortunate that I’m getting a lot of feedback. I just have to more decide what to do with it and be willing to say no. I would say being assertive and willing to get your needs met and ask for what you need is going to be really important.


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