Jane N. Kogan

Career Path

Posted on September 2, 2008

Jane N. Kogan (bio) discusses how her non-linear career path has provided a variety of opportunities in the research field.

My career path I think is not the usual linear trajectory.

Not that many folks have a linear trajectory in career paths, but I started out as a, in a clinician scientist program in terms of internship training after my PhD program, did the same thing in my post-doctoral fellowship.

And it was through that process, so with that, I was headed on that K-award, typical career path, research career path, and with my experiences with the Systematic Treatment Enhancement Program for Bipolar Disorder, which was this large effectiveness trial that started around that same time, I became involved in a couple of the coordination positions around the psychosocial treatments, as well as being a clinician within the trial.

And ended up that some of the PIs recognized my management skills in that process so recruited me to come on board and do some more of the management components of the large research study. And in doing so, I sort of headed, changed my career trajectory a bit at that point, and it was those career opportunities or professional opportunities, coupled with at the same time I was pregnant with my first child, so I was able to make some good decisions that balanced between both my professional and my personal life and create a position and a trajectory for me that coupled both management skills as well as doing research and actually being involved in the research and still getting, being part of the publication process.

So that's sort of how it all came together and has gone pretty much since.

And I would say that it's something that has always been sort of a thread of what I enjoyed doing. As far back as having a paper route when I was an adolescent, I ended up instead of delivering the papers myself, I hired neighborhood kids to deliver the papers for me and then paid them and still made some money. So it was sort of that trying to organize and coordinating, be efficient and get the job done is something I've always enjoyed doing.


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