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Aude Henin

Benefits of Web-Based Data Collection

Posted on July 22, 2009

Aude Henin (bio) identifies ways that technology speeds data collection.

So we used to rely on paper and pencil measures quite a bit, and what we were finding is that people didn't send it back, we'd spend a lot of time and energy pursing them, and in some cases, you really want to be getting that data quickly, particularly if you're assessing symptoms of depression or mania. You don't want them to send it back three weeks later and realize that they were suicidal at that particular time.

So we have a computer web-based system where participants can log in from their home computers and fill out questionnaires from home, and we capture in real time. So whatever data they enter, we've got it, so we'll never lose it. And we found that to be actually very, very helpful. It's helpful, too, for waitlist participants, so you can get data without having to bring them in frequently.


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