David A. Axelson

A Combination of Funds

Posted on July 29, 2009

David A. Axelson (bio) says that a team approach to funding is mutually beneficial.

Part of actually being a researcher is you have to know, you're always thinking about the next grant, or if you're doing a clinical research program, how am I going to combine funds from this stream and this stream to keep my staff going so we can pay their salary? So that's always a challenge.

In this current environment, everybody's got to pretty much pay all their salary whether it's from clinical time, from research grants either of your own or working with other folks.

One thing that's worked really nicely in our program is we have a team approach. So we have several investigators working together, and we're able to support each other on each other's grants because the job is just way too much for one person to do everything.

And so if you get several people together, one can write more grants, you can support each other off of the grants. And also it provides like a really nice intellectual resource. I mean, we're able to support each other both emotionally and also as far as ideas for research and also to critique each other's work, critique each other's analyses, things like that. So that's one thing that's actually made it successful.

With that group, we're able to sort of share some of the clinical burden, some of the research ideas, but also support staff off of a couple of different grants and try to develop some synergy, which overall's worked well so far.


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