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Harold Pincus

A Pastiche of Mentors

Posted on October 19, 2007

Harold Pincus (bio) shares his beliefs about making use of multiple mentors.

When people think about finding a mentor, people often talk about a mentor as being a single concept, when in fact, a mentor is many different roles that are either rolled into one. Or in most cases, people develop actually a pastiche of different mentors that together really provide for the necessary components that they're looking for.

Sometimes a mentor is purely an advisor. Sometimes they are a role model. Sometimes they are providing nurturance and support, literally in the sense of providing resources and funding. Sometimes a mentor is somebody who is providing some sort of - adding to your self-discipline by creating some timetables and expectations.

A mentor importantly helps to expand your social network and professional network with regard to connecting to other people from other institutions or within your institution. Mentors also are probably the most important source of socialization into the research community to learn the mores and rules and expectations for how one conducts research in a way that protects human subjects and has a high degree of integrity.


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