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Sources of Support

Get advice on where to look for funding to conduct your research.





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A Diversified Funding Portfolio

Samantha Meltzer-Brody explains the importance of being open to many types of funding sources.

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Don't Gauge Yourself Against the Elite

Comparisons to the top achievers in the field can be a deterrent to pursuit of a research career, warns Kenneth H. Rubin.

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Funding for Implementation Research

Brian Mittman cites some key private-sector sources of implementation funding.

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Liberation from Grant Support

Working with students gives David Elkind the freedom to do things the way he wants to.

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Moving Away from American IRBs

Imposing American ethics standards in other countries should not preclude local customs, says Kenneth H. Rubin.

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Multiple Irons in the Fire

Samantha Meltzer-Brody talks about the importance of pursuing several different research interests at one time.

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The Collaborative U01

Mary C. Blehar explains a mechanism in which researchers can work with an NIH institute.

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Consider the R21 for Innovative Research
For mid-career researchers, Valerie Maholmes says, there is funding that supports innovative approaches.

Finding Your Story
Joshua Roffman describes how to leverage a K into additional opportunities.


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