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Sources of Support

Get advice on where to look for funding to conduct your research.





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A Diversified Funding Portfolio

Samantha Meltzer-Brody explains the importance of being open to many types of funding sources.

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Don't Gauge Yourself Against the Elite

Comparisons to the top achievers in the field can be a deterrent to pursuit of a research career, warns Kenneth H. Rubin.

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Funding for Implementation Research

Brian Mittman cites some key private-sector sources of implementation funding.

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Liberation from Grant Support

Working with students gives David Elkind the freedom to do things the way he wants to.

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Moving Away from American IRBs

Imposing American ethics standards in other countries should not preclude local customs, says Kenneth H. Rubin.

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Multiple Irons in the Fire

Samantha Meltzer-Brody talks about the importance of pursuing several different research interests at one time.

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The Collaborative U01

Mary C. Blehar explains a mechanism in which researchers can work with an NIH institute.

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Contact Your Program Official
David Shurtleff urges early career researchers to contact their NIH program official for guidance regarding funding.

Disclosure of Funding
David Weber addresses the issue of disclosing external funds from all sources.


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