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Study Management

Learn tips about managing the day-to-day function of your research lab and research project.


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Developing a Coding System for Narratives

Barbara H. Fiese stresses that a coding system should be based on the underlying purpose of the study.

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Adherence to Timelines

Victoria J. Grochocinski recommends prioritizing tasks in advance of receiving your NGA.

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Continuous Feedback

Margaret R. Weeks describes the need for supervision of staff especially in fieldwork situations.

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Achieving and Maintaining Data Integrity

Linda Moody describes a method of maintaining data integrity during randomized clinical trials.


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Asking Concrete Questions

Margarita Alegría describes different ways of approaching data collection in the Latino community.

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Ask Questions That Make Sense in the Culture

Margarita Alegría describes how cultural validity relates to cognition.

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Budget Isn't an Afterthought

Take budget into consideration at the start of proposal development, recommends Hermi R. Woodward.

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A Great Way to Network

Jeannette R. Ickovics talks about how consulting and serving on Advisory Panels offers an invaluable networking opportunity.

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Cognitive Debriefing

Margarita Alegría describes a process of discovering how participants think about their mental health.

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Care and Feeding of CRABs

Involve key constituents on community research advisory boards, states Charles F. Reynolds III.

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