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Explore different modes of communicating your research findings and find advice related to increasing the transportability of interventions into real world settings.


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Blending Pediatric and Mental Health Cultures in a Rural Setting

John V. Campo discusses mental health services that have been integrated into a primary care practice in a rural community.

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How to Give a Sensational Scientific Talk

Janet B. W. Williams provides tips for presenting your research at a scientific meeting.


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Bad Reviews

In the grantwriting game, ego bruising is par for the course, notes David Klahr.

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Cost Analysis Research in Real-World Settings

Learn what cost assessment is and how it works from Pinka Chatterji.


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Post-Hoc Analysis

Helena Kraemer discusses why post-hoc analyses can be difficult to publish.

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Incentive-based After-school Programming

Margaret Beale Spencer shares her experience with a monetary-based incentive program.

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Bringing Community to the Table

If the only place we publish research findings is in academic journals, asks Darrell P. Wheeler, how will that change the community?

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Staff Supervision Across Sites

Joe Price discusses training and supervision in a dissemination project.

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Broadening the Scope Through the Clinical Trials Network

José Szapocznik explains that the Clinical Trials Network helps translate research findings into clinical practice.

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Controversial Issues and the Media

Take advantage of your media relations office to deal with sticky issues, advises Ellen Frank.

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