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Challenges in Measuring Longitudinally

John E. Bates outlines some measurement challenges related to children's development.

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Analysis in Randomized Trials

Guillermo J. Prado describes the benefits of latent growth curve models in longitudinal trials.

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Bipolar Disorder in Young Adults

Terence A. Ketter discusses the research opportunities afforded by the longitudinal design of STEP-BD.

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Choosing Longitudinal

Wesley K. Thompson talks about measurement over time.

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Combining Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Data

Benjamin LĂȘ Cook expresses hope that combining cross-sectional and longitudinal data will provide a clearer picture of health disparities.

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Longitudinal Design in Bipolar Disorder

Joseph R. Calabrese describes two recent studies of children and adults with bipolar disorder.

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Measuring a Changing Population

Terence A. Ketter addresses wellness measurement in young adults.

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Anonymity Works Best

Joel W. Grube discusses the importance of anonymity in research with adolescents, and a technique for maintaining anonymity in longitudinal research.


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Not for the Faint of Heart

Stephen Hinshaw shares lessons he has learned while conducting longitudinal research.


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Motivating Participants

Connection and communication are paths to retention, suggests Aude Henin.

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