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Adapting Material with Foster Parent Focus Groups

Joe Price describes the process his group went through as they adapted an intervention for a group of diverse foster parents.

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Accepting Feedback from the Community

Velma McBride Murry discusses the importance of community input at the beginning of the research process.

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Ask Questions That Make Sense in the Culture

Margarita Alegría describes how cultural validity relates to cognition.

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Challenges and Rewards of HIV Research

Darrell P. Wheeler talks about how racism often does not get addressed in HIV research.

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Cultural Competence

Understanding patients' cultural backgrounds can help keep them in the study, states Jodi M. Gonzalez.

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Reaching Out to Rural Latino Communities

Lynda Wilson describes her work with Latino immigrants in the South.

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Engaging Minority Populations in Health Disparity Research

Getting African-Americans involved in research takes open dialogue, asserts Christopher L. Edwards.

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Exploring Online Recruitment for Web-based Research Studies

Joel Moskowitz and Diana McDonnell discuss the benefits and challenges of using online recruitment methods for a community-based online smoking cessation intervention for Korean Americans.


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Using the Internet to Reach Hidden Populations

John Matthews and Elizabeth Cramer share their experiences using technology to reach hard-to-reach populations for research.


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Why Recruitment Fails

Christopher L. Edwards explains why some patients may fear research.

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